Thank you for your sincere interest in Solid Rock.  We are a growing generation of excited believers, and we welcome you to come to check us out!


We are located at 118 W. Irving Blvd. right in the heart of downtown Irving. Right in between Main Street & Hutchins Street. Come to check out our new location and worship with us. This is only a temporary place to worship as we are working on purchasing a permanent home for Solid Rock. Exciting times are happening!  


We have our time of teaching on Sunday at 10:00 AM with classes that fir your needs. 11:00 AM is our Worship Service. Good Praise and Worship and preaching on God’s Word that you can apply to everyday living. 


When you arrive at Solid Rock, you will be warmly welcomed with genuine love, kindness, and respect. We do not judge…for we all have a God-forgiven past.  Now we happily move forward to experience total healing in our lives and our family’s lives.

In a world filled with so many superficial people, you will discover we are REAL. Here you will find REAL people from a REAL world worshiping a very REAL God. Together we are family who succeeds together. Our love is heartfelt, our worship is expressive, our Christianity is authentic, and our God is powerful.  We believe in “keeping it real.”

You will hear relevant principles that you can apply to your daily walk with God. Pastor Snyder’s sermons are positive, inspiring, and down to earth. Usually, he speaks only about 25-35 minutes!


Zero Gravity reaches for today’s students and empowers them to live Godly in their present world.  Zero Gravity keeps it both inspiring, motivating, and fun. We care about students because they are the leaders and planet shakers of tomorrow.

KidZRock (Kids who Stand on the Rock, Christ Jesus!) CHILDREN’S MINISTRY

We believe in CHILDREN!  Our children’s ministry works very hard to teach our children. We endeavor to reach them on their level, and to keep it exciting, fun, and life-changing. The Bible says to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they shall not depart from it. We believe we must train and minister to our children.  At Solid Rock, you can trust that your child will be loved by extraordinary Christian teachers and taught quality Biblical values.


When you fill out one of our Communication Cards, we promise not to bombard you with a lot of unwanted junk mail. We use what you give us to send a “Thank you” and to keep you informed of special upcoming events. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Next Step

We are thrilled that you are thinking about being our guest and the possibility of becoming part of an incredible group of real Christians. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner!  So, let’s make it a date this week! Pastor Snyder would love to take you for coffee!

Send us an email if you have any questions at