Soul Winning…the Main Business of the Church-Part Three Conclusion

imageAgain Thank you for returning for part three and the conclusion of Soul Winning…the Main Business of the Church.

We ended our last blog post with the thought of setting ourself on fire and being a very passionate soul winner for the Kingdom of God. Hopefully we are at the place we can Burn! Burn! Burn! for Jesus.

Let’s take yet another look at some history to motivate us about our present and our future.

John Wesley had a passion for souls and traveled in excess of 250,000 miles on horse-back, delivering 40,000 sermons, calling a nation to God. 250,000 miles on course-back delivering 40,000 sermons! I would call that passion! Burning passion!

John Wesley averaged, during a period of fifty-four years, about five thousand miles a year, making in all some two hundred and ninety thousand miles, a distance equal to circumnavigating the globe about twelve times. It must not be forgotten that most of this travel was on horseback. Think of riding around the globe on horseback twelve times!
His Preaching was immense

John Wesley preached not less than fifteen sermons a week—frequently many more. These sermons were delivered mostly in the open air [outdoors], and under circumstances such as to test the nerve of the most vigorous frame. He did, in the matter of preaching, what no other man ever did.
A minister in these times does well to preach one hundred sermons a year. At this rate, to preach as many sermons as Wesley did, such a minister must live four hundred and twenty-four years.

Think of a minister preaching two sermons each weekday, and three each Sunday, for fifty-four years, and some idea can be formed of John Wesley’s labors in this department.

Remember, this was back in the 1800’s. Today we have cars, trains, airplanes, social media internet, websites. It’s incredible the reach that we have to to the world we live in today. But we can’t get it done until we have a passion for the lost souls of humanity. Until we make ourselves get up and get out and do what needs to be done. If we will take the first step and keep on stepping, God will be with us and anoint us and bless our faithfulness in every aspect of our lives.

Soul Winning is the Main Business of the Church. Everything we do has to point to bring new people to God.

Matthew 4:19 “And he (Jesus) saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. We have the training available. We have the tools we need. And God sets ready to guide us where we need to go. He is just waiting on us. Perhaps we are the reason its not getting done.

We you understand and experience that there is no joy like the Soul Winners Joy, you will set yourself on fire with passion. Because when you win a soul you are bringing Glory unto God.

James 5:20 “He who converts a sinner from his ways shall save a soul from death and hide a multitude of sins.”

There are two great things are accomplished by winning the lost:

1. You save a soul from death. The wages of sin is death.
2. You cover a multitude of sin.

We are also to pray for the lost, visit the hospitals, comfort and counsel people and even give gifts on special occasions. But nothings compares with winning them to Jesus.

Now for our discussion question. What is holding you back from operating on your God given calling?

Please leave your questions, thoughts or concerns below and I will respond. Also, please share this blog on your social media in hopes to be a blessing to others.

Blessings to you in all you do for Him.


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