Anointed to Serve by The Late Bishop Kenneth Haney

Coming to the close of 2014 and setting goal and planning for 2015, I thought it would be approbate to have a word form my pastor & mentor, Bishop Haney. Enjoy.

Written by Bishop Kenneth Haney and used as a Guest post with permission of Sister Joy Haney.

Anointed to Serve
by: Kenneth F. Haney

A sacred task has been entrusted into our hands—the evangelism of the entire world. It will not be accomplished at our present pace. This is an obvious conclusion when one considers the twenty-first-century church, where we came from, where we presently are, and where we are going.

Although we have witnessed a great spiritual awakening with miraculous conversions and wonderful healings, the task remains unfinished. What an effect the personal life and ministry of Jesus Christ had upon all who came under His influence. What authority and power His anointed ones have in this century through the indwelling Holy Ghost, in this century.

The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the departed One abiding in His followers. Imagine the tremendous potential of His anointed ones. A new revelation of who we are must be born within us. The Anointed One is working through us—His anointed ones. Let us remove all preconceived ideology, for many of our traditions are not predicated upon the Word of God. They lack substance. They are not of faith. They have a negative effect upon the body. Prayerfully and with an open mind, let us see what the Lord will do.

Scripture convinces us that the Lord would do a quick and mighty work in this latter time. Opportunity comes. What we do with the open door of opportunity weighs heavily upon us.

There is a tide flowing. Some will resist it willfully; others will flow with it. Those who omit it will live in misery; but the tide of the Spirit and anointing is going to flow. Christ will have an anointed church to minister His mighty works in this last day. If not you, who? It is imperative that the body of Christ move quickly, for time is of the essence. The world must be converted.

As we go forth to minister, the Spirit of Christ will go with us. The anointed ones must present Jesus as Lord and Savior, for the message of salvation to a lost world is of utmost importance. We must work the works of Him who sent us. As Christ moved His world by reaching mankind at the point of need, so the anointed ones must do today. As people of the Name, we have one mission—to serve. Our message is distinct and different and must be propagated.

It is necessary for the body of Christ to experience a mighty spiritual awakening. All who have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost are ministers of Jesus Christ by virtue of possession of the Holy Spirit. As ministers, we become the anointed ones, and as believers the signs will follow. As the anointed ones, we are adequately equipped to accomplish the mission that Christ has committed into our hands. The job of evangelizing this world has been left to a few pastors and evangelists. This responsibility was never intended to rest upon the shoulders of merely the apostles, the prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. It was to rest upon the entire body of Christ—all recipients of the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

The true church has been equipped by the Spirit to complete the task of reaching the world. It must now be activated. As a born-again believer, you are a part of the mighty force that must be released. You are one of God’s anointed.


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