Why I Love This Time of the Year

 Why I Love This Time of the Year 

For me, the fall of the year always brings with it those warm fuzzy feelings. The cooler weather, combined with special childhood traditions, great food, family gatherings and time off with family for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Also, I love this time of the year, because it is a time where we can slow it down a bit, think things through retrospectively, evaluate the past year and determine whether our life course is on target with our predetermined goals. It gives us a chance to either adjust and manage those goals, or create fresh goals.

The fall holiday of Thanksgiving is also a time where we may focus on being thankful for and focus on our blessings. Human nature draws us to focus on what we have lost and the pain associated with it. That is why we have to purposely push past our natural instinct to be grateful.

The scripture speaks to us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. IN every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I am thankful in everything that comes my way. I may not be thankful FOR the bad things. But I am thankful that God has walked with me and has made me a better person for steadily enduring and conquering.

The scripture says to be thankful in everything and it mentions …for this is the will of God concerning you. There is something about knowing the will of God in our lives. Nothing can bring us down, even when we must endure a “hot mess,” as long as we know we are walking in His will.

You may wonder “How?” Here is where the thankful part comes in: when we go through the trial, we are forced to learn something from it. We gladly witness God’s hand in it. And then we find we are closer and stronger in our relationship with God because we stayed faithful.

And for that…I am thankful!

During this season let’s be thankful in and for all our blessings, no matter what is the method of delivery.

May the beauty of each blessings be clear to you in this beautiful holiday season of thanks and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!


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