The Results Are In The Lifestyle

The Results are in the LIfestyle!

As many of you know I am 100% support mass evangelism such as crusades, Block Parties and any other massive outreaches that we can come up with. I personally think every church need to plan those events through out the year. They serve a couple of areas. One it helps the people of the church to see the fruit of their labor on a large scale and makes them feel proud that their church is doing something big in their community. Second, it is great PR (Public Relations) in your community.

When a city sees a church doing something on a large scale, crusade, Block Parties, Community give backs or big dramas. It show that city that your church cares about the city or community where it is located.

Large events also produces a momentum that with in the church that lasts for months to help stimulate us to be soul winners.

In large events it is always good to promote and to advertise but nothing brings a crowd like people bring people.

LIfestyle evangelism is very biblical and bring a good solid growth to the church as a whole and to the individual.

Remember what is the difference between outreach and evangelism. Outreach is a function, like Friend Day, Adopt-A-Block, Block Parties and so on.

Evangelism is relational. It is the ability to get to know someone and through a relationship be able to tell them, “This is where you are with God, this is where you need to be and I am going to get you there.” You can not do that to a total strange, only a friend or relative. Someone you have a connection with that give you permission because of the relationship that you have.

Lifestyle Evangelism is not just living a christian in front of someone and that it is all. It takes some action.

When you win someone through lifestyle evangelism or a personal relationship they come to know God at a higher level than someone that just walk in off the street and went to a service or class. That is because you took time to teach them a bible study, pray with them, help them through a crisis in their life, maybe even brought them some groceries.

All the research that I have read back this point up. One survey I read stated that 78% of the people coming to church were brought there by a friend or relative.

Here is my closing thought.

It takes a person to reach persons, a life to reach a life. The Gospel is a personal matter . “HE shall save His people from THEIR sins.” If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto ME.”

If everyone will make it personal and reach one person at a time our church can double in the space on one year.

Let’s take time to teach a bible study, take someone for a coffee, pray with someone, sit down and listen to what they are going to through and then help them get through it with the bible.


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