LIFE Changes…we like to always think for the positive. But sometimes it goes the other way to the negative and we develop other things that complicates the challenges that was brought on by the changes that we have been going through. We need to get our focus back in where they need to be for us to get the positive change that we need to make life go the direction we need…forward and positive.

LIFE Changes is all about empowerment. Empower us to beat addictions, anger issues, broken relationships, self esteem challenges. Empower us to become the person we need to be…productive. To get the employment that we have a passion for and devolve a career instead of getting a job. The life skills we need to beat poverty and become productive.

We have very low cost classes that bring the change you need to be who you need to be. We have one on one counseling, group sessions and classes. We make it fun, interesting and you will learn a lot. We will give you the skills to bring the change you desire.

You will be served by over 20 years of training and service in this field and your privacy is our top priority.

Send us an email at or call us at 214-519-9904 We are ready to serve you and your family to bring LIFE Changes.