What a Weekend…

To all our members of Solid Rock Church I salute you! What an incredible weekend. I personally want to say thank you to all who jumped in and made our Main Street Event Outreach a big success. To our coordinator, Pastor Brian Sirmon, thank you for all your hard work, check lists to make sure […]

Reaching a New Community

This community has a long, rich history. In fact, on any given night the size of this community is around 650,000 in the US. This community is made up of mothers & fathers, professional people, someone’s Grandfather or GrandMother. Your everyday blue collar worker. People that had or have families that for some reason or […]

Its Happening at Solid Rock…

Hey Everyone! I know this is a little different blog post but I wanted to get the word out about our events and our progress at Solid Rock. Our services have been power-packed and very anointed. If you have not visited Solid Rock recently, you need to get there. I promise you will be blessed […]